Tougher Scout Challenge Weekend - 2023
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Tougher Scout Challenge Weekend - 2023

Patrol based challenge weekend at camp J. Warren Cutler - May 5-7

Join us for the Tougher Scout Challenge weekend on May 5-7 at Camp J. Warren Cutler in beautiful Maxion Tract and Shadow Valley.

This is the 11th Annual Tougher Scout Challenge weekend where Patrols compete against patrols for the Toughest Patrol plaque.

This weekend is modeled after the National Geographic reality television show 'Tougher than a Boy Scout'.

Patrols of 5 to 9 Scouts compete for points in side-by-side challenges and in adventure challenges. These challenges return us to old school Scouting challenges that bring out the best in team work and skills. So, grab your compass, brush up on your knots and lashings, and work as a team to show how 'tough' your patrol really is.


Use the form below to register you unit for the 2023. Please give us an estimate to the number of patrols and count of Scouts and Adults who will attend. Registration closes April 17, 2023.

Register Here...


The cost of the event is $15 per Scout. There is no charge for adults to attend.

Payment will be collected at the Adult/Leader meeting on Friday evening at the event.

What is included in the cost:

- Camping
- 1 - 2023 Tougher Scout Challenge Weekend Patch for each Scout and Adult
- 1 Scout Stave per patrol
- 1 Event ribbon
- Camp-wide Friday night cracker barrel

These fees also go to equip the challenges with the supplies required and awards.

- Units/patrols are responsible to bring and prepare their own food.
- Units/patrols are responsible to bring their own camping gear.
- For camp gadget competition, units/patrols should bring their own rope and supplies.

Event Execution

This event is a Scout-run event with Adults running the challenges so that each Scout is able to compete. Scout patrols will be assigned to the various responsibilities during the weekend:

Opening flags
Closing flags
Campfire building
MC-ing the campfire
Scouts-own service lead and execution
Service project leadership

Running Challenges

To enable each Scout to participate in the challenges, we ask each unit's Adults to help with running the challenges.


The challenges are patrol based, team oriented challenges based on Scouting skills. Units are invited to 'bring a challenge' that can be used during the Adventure Challenge portion of the event. These challenges must be submitted to the Tougher Staff at least 2 weeks prior to the event for review and approval to avoid duplication of challenges.

Other challenges

In addition to the side-by-side and adventure challenges, patrols are able to compete in these challenges:

- Best Camp Gadget
- Best Patrol Flag
- Best Patrol Yell

Planning Meetings

Each troop is invited to send 1 Scout and 1 Adult to at least 1 of our 3 planning meetings.

March 29 - Wednesday - 7pm to 8:30pm Zoom
April 18 - Tuesday - 7pm to 8:30pm Zoom
April 27 - Thursday - 7pm to 8:30pm Zoom
Meeting ID: 856 8439 3592
Passcode: 167167


Friday 5:30pm and after - Arrival and setup troop site
Friday 8:30pm - All camp PLC
Friday 8:30pm - All camp Adult/Leader meeting
Friday 9:30pm - All camp orientation campfire and cracker barrel
Friday 10:45pm - Call to quarters
Friday 11:00pm - Taps

Saturday 7:00am - Reveille and Breakfast with your unit/patrols
Saturday 7:30am - Adults start placing and setting up challenges
Saturday 10:00am - Opening Ceremony and Morning Challenges
Saturday 12:00pm - Lunch with your unit/patrols
Saturday 1:00pm - Adventure Challenges
Saturday 4:00pm - Challenges close & Free time
Saturday 5:00pm - Dinner with your unit/patrols
Saturday 8:30pm - CAMPFIRE
Saturday 10:45pm - Call to quarters
Saturday 11:00pm - Taps

Sunday 7:00am - Reveille and Breakfast with your unit/patrols
Sunday 8:30am - Camp gadget Judging
Sunday 9:30am - All camp Service project
Sunday 10:45am - Scout's own
Sunday 11:00am - Closing Ceremony

Fire wood

Camp J. Warren Cutler does have a ton of firewood that can be scavenged in the woods. They also have dried and seasoned firewood for sale for $25 per box. The box is quite large and could likely be shared between units.

Register by April 17, 2023

If you are interested in registering after this date, please contact Scoutmaster Madison at

More information

For more information, please send an email to Scoutmaster Madison by emailing