Zoobilation 2019
David Madison
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Zoobilation 2019

Cleaning up after the Elephants?

Sometimes getting members of a group to support an event to which a committment is made is tough.  For the person or organization that makes the committement, the obligation of keeping that committment is heavy.  We gave our word.  We don't want to break that word.  It is our integrity that is on the line. Right!? 

So, what do you do, when it looks like you're not going to get the resources you were hoping to get?

Right!  You ask yourself "How can I/We still honor our committement?"  Then, you think outside of the box. 

This is exactly what the ASPL of Troop 341 did when he wasn't getting the response he was hoping for to accomplish the Zoobilation clean-up project.  He reached out to us... to Troop 167 and asked if we could join them.  Our ASPL of Community Service decided that this was a good opportunity for our troop yet he realized that even this would be difficult for our troop as it was a busy weekend for Troop 167.  It took place at the same time as our troop's white water rafting trip and the Order of the Arrow Conclave.  A significant number of our members were committed to one of these two events.

Our ASPL decided to send out the invitation anyway and see if we couldn't still support Troop 341.  We were able to provide a team of 9 persons to meet them this past Sunday and help in the tear down of the tables and chairs from their fundraiser.

Thank you and Koodo's to all who able to come!

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