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David Madison

Eagles about to take flight

13 Life Scouts working toward their Eagle Rank

I just celebrated my fourth anniversary as the Scoutmaster of Troop 167, in Pittsford, NY.  As I look back on the history of our troop and the number of Scouts who have the potential of completing their rank in this next year, we could very likely set a record for the number of Eagles awarded in one year for our troop.  

Charlie Shea started this season for T167 by being awarded his Eagle at our May Court of Honor.  His brother William, passed his Eagle Board of Review a few weeks ago. Now we have 4 other Scouts who are scheduling their Eagle Projects over the next few weeks (Nyle, Will, Daniel, and Luke) .  A fifth is working out the details of his (Joe).  Then, behind them, is another group of 6 or more scouts who are only a badge or two away from completing all of their required merit badges.

Then as we look to the rest of our troop, we have a slew of 1st class and Star scouts (like more than 20).  We could be breaking this record in just another year or two.

These are really exciting times.  I am proud to be a part of such an amazing troop!

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